Attic Breeze Solar Fans

Mr. Chill is an Authorized Installer of Attic Breeze Solar Fans

With all metal zincalume alloy construction, commercial-grade monocrystalline solar panels, and UltraFlo® design technology, Attic Breeze manufactures the highest quality, most durable solar attic fans available. Attic Breeze manufactures their products right here in the USA because American made matters when it comes to long lasting product performance. Unlike the “over-seas” made products you might find in a retail store, they never use plastic materials or discount parts because they believe in manufacturing a professional-grade product that is engineered to last a lifetime, even if that means it may cost a little more to make. Attic Breeze solar attic fans are third-party tested, windstorm certified, and backed with an industry leading lifetime warranty.

America’s Leader In Attic Fans
Attic Breeze believes that continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence is what makes a leader. It is their mission to offer only best-in-class products to our customers that conform to these values. With Attic Breeze you always get more options, better standard features, and the highest performance of any solar attic fan products available on the market. In keeping with this tradition, Attic Breeze is proud to offer their second generation of solar powered ventilation products. Here are some of the new product features that we think you will appreciate:

  • Solar attic fans are all metal construction using 22GA corrosion-resistant zincalume alloy (AZ50) sheet metal. The type and thickness of metal they use gives their products much more strength and durability than any competitive product, allowing Attic Breeze solar attic fans to better withstand severe weather conditions year after year.
  • New fans are engineered with the next generation of high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. Utilizing the higher voltage output of these cells and more efficient design has allowed them to increase the performance of their fans and pack more power into a smaller panel area.
  • For additional durability, we use Tog-L-lok® metal fastening throughout our fan construction. Tog-L-lok® fastening is 4X times stronger than traditional spot welding giving their fans even greater structural integrity than the original design.
  • They now offer a fully adjustable integrated pivot bracket as part of our standard product package. The adjustable bracket is constructed from 16GA galvanized steel (G90) and powder coated to match the color of your fan. This bracket system offers high strength and durability, allowing the solar panel to be tilted up to 45 degrees.
  • Attic Breeze has pushed the bar yet again. Their new 40W solar attic fans feature the most powerful unit-mounted solar panel in the industry, capable of producing an incredible 1875 CFM of airflow performance. They simply blow away the competition.
  • In addition to their five standard powder coated finish offerings, Attic Breeze now gives homeowners the option to customize their solar attic fan and choose from a selection of specialty colors to better match their roof decor.
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